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Pro Painters Toronto Durham York Exterior Residential and Commercial Painting Process

1) Set-up

  • An area is established as a "work area" where the tools are tidely
    kept and maintained . We usually use a small portion of the garage
    or a vacant piece of the yard. A drop cloth is placed under the work
    area and the place is kept as clean as possible!

 2) Wash

  • There is lots of dirt that sticks to surfaces outside your house. If we
    were to paint directly on top of the dirt, the dirt will remain under
    the paint and it will result in a poor painting job

  • when necessary, we will wash surfaces with dirt before we paint.
    If possible we will use a power washer. If a power washer can
    potentially damage anything, we will hand wash those surfaces

  • If washing is necessary, we will explain to the homeowner and
    add it in the contract

3) Preparation

  • This is the most important job in your painting project. We take
    it very seriously. This differentiates our pro painting company with
    the competition. Prep is what makes the finished job look professional.

  • All holes and cracks in any to-be-painted area are filled and sanded

  • Surfaces and corners are checked for smoothness and if anything is peeling off. If they are not smooth or something is peeling off, those surfaces are sanded and fixed

  • Imperfections on walls are fixed to ensure that a professional job is complete

  • Repaired areas are primed if necessary

  • Difficult to reach areas and areas with special circumstances are primed to improve longevity 

  • Any other requests from the client (that are written on the contract) are completed

4) First Coat of Paint

  • If the walls are painted for the first time, they are primed. A coat of primer is applied if it is on contract

  • The first coat is painted on the walls. Depending on the previous colour and many other variables, a first coat might not be enough. There is usually numerous "missed areas" that are seen after the first coat of paint dries up.

5) Second Coat of Paint

  • All painting jobs usually require two coats of paint as one coat is not enough 95% of the time.

  • The second coat of paint covers all missed areas from the first coat. This coat results in the finished product; a professionally done job!

6) Inspection (Make it PRO!)

  • At the end of every job, the crew leader will inspect the entire painted area to ensure professionalism. The client is called to inspect with the crew leader if the client is available.

  • A bright light is shone on the wall so that any imperfections can be spotted and green painters tape is taped on all missing areas (if there are any)

  • The crew leader and the client go through a copy of the contract to ensure that everything on the contract has been met.

  • If the client wants anything fixed (provided that it is on the contract), it is fixed immediately.

  • The client signs off his/her satisfaction of the job and rating sheets are given to him/her to rate the performance of the crew.

7) Clean

  • All tools are packed and cleaned

  • The work area is cleaned and left exactly as it was when we first came i

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