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Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing Experts in Toronto


Scope of Work

  • Using paint thinner to remove existed oil stuff from Kitchen Cabinets before applying any primer.

  • Light Sanding and applying one coat of premium oil primer

  • Spraying while applying two coats of Emerald Sami-Gloss Sherwin-Williams paint

Job Location

  • Toronto, Ontario

  • Job located nearby the intersection of Yonge Street and Lola Road

  • For free quote, contact your Local Kitchen cabinets refinishing experts in Toronto at 647-909-3946

Customer Feedback

Emerald is a quality company whose work is second only to their customer service. Cam and Visa were very accommodating and often went above and beyond in their work. They not only did they do an excellent job but they also gave us loads of advice on various other things around the house.Emerald earns my most highest recommendation.

- Aryan from Toronto

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